Illness and injury can greatly influence a persons ability to sustain their job role or return to employment.  Working with clients on their journey to work and productivity is relevant to all aspects of occupational therapy practice and should be considered with any referral received.  Independence Found Ltd can work with individuals to navigate their way through the  many systems and factors encountered.  This might be when people are finding work for the first time, returning to work or looking to retain their work roles.

return to work

The return to work process

Exploring work options is a very individual process.  Independence Found Ltd can provide support in many ways.




  • Choices

  • Aspirations

  • Education

  • Training

  • Skills.



  • Transferable Skills

  • Workplace Assessment

  • Work Experience

  • Work Preparation

  • Liaison and Networking


  • Assessment of Skllis

  • Analysis of Job Role

  • Assessment of Work Environment

  • Liaison and Recommendations

  • Education

  • Reasonable Adjustments

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